The above picture is from GAPPS Regions 2022. 

Henry COunty scholastic

In March 2022, Zach Simmons won the 2022 Henry County Scholastic.

Henry County Fall Open

On November 5th, 2022, Zach Simmons placed second in the adult category. Andy Vaughn and Gabe both ranked in the top six for youth and qualified for the Henry County Regional Championship.

GAPPS 2021 State champions

In 2021, Creekside Christian Academy won the GAPPS State Chess Championship for the first time.

GAPPS 2023 State champions

And again in 2023, Creekside Christian Academy is the State Campion for chess in the GAPPS League.

Georgia class championship

Zach Simmons made third place in class E with four points in the Thad Rogers Georgia Class Championship organized by Parnell Watkins (President of the Georgia Chess Association), Thad Rogers (International Arbiter), and Greg. 


Friday Knight Face Off 11-11-2022

This event is held most Fridays in Alpharetta, Georgia. It is 3 rounds of 30 d5.

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