This is where information and announcements will be posted for our tournaments.

On July 15th, 2023, Creekside Christian Academy will host a long-time control open tournament along with a scholastic tournament with more rounds and a shorter time control. 

2023 Creekside Summer Open

The open tournament will consist of 4 rounds, USCF-rated. Time control: G/60;d5. Round times 9 am-11:15 am-2 pm-4:15 pm. The prize fund is $750 based on 50 entries(b/50). The Entry fee is $25 by July 8th, 2023, $30 thereafter, and onsite. 3 Sections- Championship-U1300-U900.  Trophies for first place in each category. Championship section 1st place $225, 2nd place $125, top U1600 $75. U1300 section, 1st place $125, 2nd place $75. U900, 1st place $75, top unrated $50. An active USCF membership is required to play. You can buy or renew a USCF membership onsite. The event will be held at Creekside Christian Academy West Campus, 2455 Mt Carmel Rd, Hampton, GA 30228. 

Creekside Chess Summer Scholastic Tournament 

Time control G/30;d5. 5 Rounds. Round times 10 am-11:15 am-1:15 pm-2:30 pm-3:45 pm. 4 sections; k-12 U1100 rated, k-6 U1100 rated. k-12 not USCF-rated and k-6 not USCF-rated. Open to any child still in high school or below who is rated below 1100. Anyone rated above 1100 should play in the regular tournament. Individual and team trophies. The top three in each section get trophies, and the top team from each section will get a trophy(a team is 3 players from the same school in the same section).  The entry fee is $20 until July 8th, $25 thereafter, and onsite. The event will be held at Creekside Christian Academy West Campus, 2455 Mt Carmel Rd, Hampton, GA 30228.

North Henry Open

Every second and fourth Tuesday, there will be a three-round USCF-rated tournament at North Henry Baptist Church, 1093 Flat Rock Rd, Stockbridge, GA 30281. It will start at 6:00 p.m. and will consist of three (3) rounds of G/30 d5 (game in 30 minutes, five-second delay). There will be three (3) sections: Open - $10 entry fee; U1100 - $10; unrated - free. The Open and U1100 sections will have a cash prize for first place. Based on 30 entries(b/30), Open section 1st $120, U1100 1st $60. The unrated section will have a trophy for first place. This tournament is open to anyone who wants to play. Unrated section, please register through the form listed on the website so that we know how to prepare. There will be onsite registration for both sections, and onsite registration ends at 5:50 p.m.  Byes are available for all rounds, Must request before around one, maximum of one bye(.5), 0 point byes available for as many rounds as necessary. Please bring clocks and sets. We have some sets and a few clocks but not enough. Specific info, including the exact venue location, will be emailed before the tournament. The next date is June 13th. Check the calendar page for all upcoming North Henry Opens. Register through Chess Register(Click Here to Register). Unrated section, please register through this form.

Notes: Most registrations for this tournament are on-site or occur online just before the tournament starts.